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"bisexuals are just being greedy"

This statement is correct.  I want all the donuts to myself.  No sharon you can’t have a donut.  Yes, I know there are 24 donuts.  Yes, I want them all for myself.  Fuck off sharon.

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Basically what’s happening in ferguson.

و في القاهرة كمان

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Why is it that people are willing to spend $20 on a bowl of pasta with sauce that they might actually be able to replicate pretty faithfully at home, yet they balk at the notion of a white-table cloth Thai restaurant, or a tacos that cost more than $3 each? Even in a city as “cosmopolitan” as New York, restaurant openings like Tamarind Tribeca (Indian) and Lotus of Siam (Thai) always seem to elicit this knee-jerk reaction from some diners who have decided that certain countries produce food that belongs in the “cheap eats” category—and it’s not allowed out. (Side note: How often do magazine lists of “cheap eats” double as rundowns of outer-borough ethnic foods?)

Yelp, Chowhound, and other restaurant sites are littered with comments like, “$5 for dumplings?? I’ll go to Flushing, thanks!” or “When I was backpacking in India this dish cost like five cents, only an idiot would pay that much!” Yet you never see complaints about the prices at Western restaurants framed in these terms, because it’s ingrained in people’s heads that these foods are somehow “worth” more. If we’re talking foie gras or chateaubriand, fair enough. But be real: You know damn well that rigatoni sorrentino is no more expensive to produce than a plate of duck laab, so to decry a pricey version as a ripoff is disingenuous. This question of perceived value is becoming increasingly troublesome as more non-native (read: white) chefs take on “ethnic” cuisines, and suddenly it’s okay to charge $14 for shu mai because hey, the chef is ELEVATING the cuisine.


One of the entries from the list ‘20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say)’. (via crankyskirt)

OOOOMG my coworker and I were just talking about this wrt mexican food specifically

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The best way to poop, in my opinion, is to sit on the toilet and put your feet up on the edge of the tub or something else, in a position that puts your knees high and at an angle. It makes everything smoother.

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Happening Now! Justice for Michael Brown!

Oakland, CA marches in solidarity with Ferguson. Protesters have been chanting “Hands up, Don’t shoot!” A heavy police presence is both visible, felt, and heard from the helicopter above. Police are already in an altercation with protesters. They have created a blockade so protesters cannot advance. Updates soon.

I was there! I fucking love you, Oakland!

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Amazing OITNB illustrations by starfleetbabe

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y’all realize martial law is back in ferguson right


there’s an armored convoy about tossing tear gas now so much for that fucking “resolution” earlier today


don’t let this shit die. we still don’t have justice and even at that police CONTINUE to oppress the people so quit it and start paying attention again. open your eyes.

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Little Golden Books (Joey Spiotto)

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